Sunday, 01-07-2012

Harnessing the power of Tara Bandu to protect Timor-Lesteís natural resources
In the west (USA, EU) we have a very expensive infrastructure, police, coast guard, judicial system, jails, department of natural resources, etc. all ...

Saturday, 30-06-2012

Community-based bathymetric survey to identify reefs and other fishing locations
To help document traditional knowledge the Regional Livelihood Fisheries Programme (RFLP) are using the GPS sounders (fishfinders) configured to recor...
Wednesday, 13-06-2012

Small-scale fishers engaged in patrolling Timor Leste waters.
Regional Fisheries Livelihoods Programme (RFLP) currently has in operation a pilot project where small-scale fisher boat captains have been provided w...

Monday, 14-05-2012

National Fisheries Statistics website for Timor Leste
The task of gathering and organizing fisheries data is so daunting a task, the fisheries staff in developing countries often donít know where to start...

Friday, 13-04-2012

Community mapping natural resources
While visiting fishing communities to create better awareness and understanding of fisheries-related laws and regulations NDFA staff also took the...

Monday, 16-01-2012

Ponggawa; customary agreements and fishing traditions around Makassar
The traditional systems in Indonesia have a tremendous amount of power and can be a effective means for implementing fishing management. However, the...

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