Accident reporting system

- One of the smaller projects was to create an Accident Reporting System, as a database for responsible agency to collect data and report on accidents at sea and along the coast. Depending upon the type of problems observed the Ministry of fisheries then can build partnership with relevant organizations to address the issues. This data base is also tied to the Marine Police boat registration system so it can be used in the case of missing fishermen. Editor's note: What we found was surprising, far far the largest number of accidents related to human-wildlife conflict, namely saltwater crocodile attacks on humans. Since the crocodile are so revered by the Timorese they are hesitant to implement any management strategies. Furthermore, the traditional culture is such that if someone is attacked by a crocodile it is said the victim 'must have done something wrong' and the crocodile was punishing them. As a consequence, many crocodile attacks go unreported.