Special Edition of Oryx

- The Oryx special issue on Aceh is now out - http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=ORX (see latest issue tab; Oct. 2012) . The general pervading theme of this Oryx issue is the important role played by the Panglima Laot (both the name of the institution and its head), which was created over 400 years ago by another Acehnese Sultan (Iskandar Muda, who reigned from 1607-1637).

These papers celebrate Aceh’s unique marine heritage and range from the first comprehensive study of Aceh’s unique and globally important coral species diversity, to the to the empowerment of women’s groups in a coastal conservation project, to the ability of the customary Panglima Laot institution to reduce accidental coral damage by fishing nets.