Community-based Bathymetric staff/students receive international scholarships for graduate study

- Congratulations to Haekal who just received a scholarship to continue his education at National Taiwan Ocean University, in Keelung, Taiwan. Also to Bonar who is now a recipient of a assistance of a Fulbright scholarship; he will be leaving to study in the United States later this month.

Congratulations to Maria (pictured left) and Safrizal, Nazaruddin, Arif Fadhila, Putra Diansyah, Suraiya Nazlia, and Fazlullah who received scholarships overseas.

Likewise, Siska Mellisa and Dwi Person who have accepted fishing livelihood positions with International NGOs, OISCA and Mercy Corps.

from left: Dwi, Arief, Haekal, Sukryi, Siska, Muchlis, Aris, and Bonar.