Rescue of Ikan Terbang

IMG_3504 tn.jpg
- This one of the first rescues in which I have participated. In Aceh, there is a coast guard and a marine police force, but it is the fishermen who do 90% of all rescues (regardless of who is in trouble). This boat the Ikan Terbang (Flying Fish) hit a log around midnight and sank; however the prow stayed above water for about 16 hours. There are no compartments on these boats so the boat filled with water very quickly. Also, there are no life-jackets or lifeboats on-board. The standard procedure is to dump the fish out of one of the coolers and climb in it, or hang onto some of the debris. The crew (14 men) hung onto the prow for nine hours until help came. Everyone survived, the boat sank shortly thereafter, a total loss, no insurance.