Thursday, 13-03-2014

IUU project receives global award and recognition
RFLP hosted under FAO recently won a global award for innovation when it came to their strategy for combating illegal fishing. One of the project out...

Friday, 13-09-2013

Accident reporting system
One of the smaller projects was to create an Accident Reporting System, as a database for responsible agency to collect data and report on accidents a...

Thursday, 08-11-2012

Lessons in natural resource management from Timor-Leste's ancient cooperative tradition
In a coastal village in Timor-Leste, a ritual leader confers with the ancestral spirits at the foot of a tree while the Secretary of State for Fisheri...

Sunday, 07-10-2012

Special Edition of Oryx
The Oryx special issue on Aceh is now out - (see latest issue tab; Oct. 2012) . The ...

Sunday, 07-10-2012

Working with RFLP and Timor Leste's national fisheries department to develop national capacity to manage fisheries.
Information and communications technology can greatly benefit both fisheries administrations and fishing communities alike. The Regional Fisheries Li...

Sunday, 30-09-2012

Formaldehyde testing of market fish
Timor Leste imports a significant amount of fish from Indonesia; both frozen and fresh, legal and illegal. There is concern that some of the fresh f...

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