What does Sumatra Konservasi Alam do?

In short, Community-based conservation.

We are dedicated to developing effective conservation strategies that make measurable gains in natural resource management that are also economically viable solutions to the local stakeholders.

Using a bottom-up approach, Sumatra Konservasi Alam works with traditional authorities and empowers local communities to responsibly and sustainably interact with the species and ecosystems in their respective areas.  We work through the traditional authorities and directly with the communities to show them that preserving nature is to their personal economic advantage.

In the course of designing conservation strategies and implementing field projects, we connect local communities with academics, non-profit organizations, governmental institutions and private businesses.  Whenever possible, our strategies are designed to be vertically integrated across multiple scales. For example, data collected by the communities as part of a local management plan, will feed into the national natural resource strategies, and contribute to global level biodiversity and conservation initiatives. 

For more information you may contact us at conservation@gmail.com +01 202 758 4025 or +670 781 7554